Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tracy_ Six Thinking Hats:

Looking at a decision from all points of view.

Banksie’s impression of graffiti removal.

White Hat: The art on this wall is a documentation of society. The government commissions its removal, which allows more space for future commentary. There is no economic gain for either participant, but future value can be had through observation and evaluation.


Red Hat: Worries that the graffiti is unsightly and will ruin the reputation of this part of town and its aesthetic purpose.


Black Hat: They worry that the government is paying out money, which will just have to be payed out again as soon as someone redecorates the wall. They worry that the Graffiti will drive people away from the area in fear of a bad element.


Yellow Hat: ‘Yeah more white space, I can’t wait to see what appears next. This is so entertaining, what a bonanza for tourism, visitors get to see new artworks every-time they come back, and they will come back-its wonderful.’


Green Hat: ‘Perhaps the government could pay a little more to have the wall coated in anti-graffiti paint, or alternatively they could start a program which teaches artists to produce work in appropriate sites and get paid for it.’


Blue Hat: Thinks all views are worthy of consideration and if action is to be taken, the hat wearers should participate in a sensible discussion.

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stacy said...

great post tracy. excellent choice to explain concept