Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Design Process: Jamie

The design process has no real strict way of method. For example a math equation has a right and a wrong answer while an essay can follow a number of answers. With the design process, sure there are guides to follow to complete a project but it really comes down to the designer’s preference to attack. Some designers may feel that the first idea that comes into their head is the manor of method, while others will brainstorm, refine, redesign to feel that will give them the best outcome. With everything there is positives and negatives. In this case the designer who just does the one offs may find that the lack of research can restrict the design and therefore the final outcome, while on the other through perusing the idea straight away, he has more working time to create the final product. With the designer who uses research to come up with the design, he might over think the design and get too caught up in trying to think of the design he would like to follow, while the research opens a lot more possibilities and ideas to pursue.
The quote given looks at everyone’s thoughts on method.
‘Noble to have a method’
That you have a solid way to come through with the final design, putting a lot of work.
‘Noble not to have a method’
That your considered excellent as you are able to come up with a design without much thought, almost second nature.
‘Not to have a method is bad; to stop entirely at method is worse’
Looks at not having a game plan can be dangerous to a designer. Getting stuck on the method is worse as you get too caught up in it and not looking at the end product, just the crap in between.
‘Observe the rules first severely, then change them in an intelligent way’
Look at the options given and then make changes to get a better product.
‘The aim of possessing method is to seem finally as if one had no method’
Is quite ironic as you try to end up with the end product, you got their with a method, though you don’t want any one to and no one ever will see the method.

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