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JADE: Six Thinking Hats
Mar 05, 2008
Logo Design Case Study |
Victory Marketing Agency

WHITE HAT: they used the white hat retrieve the data and information from the client.
We met with the client in person and discussed the logo design brief. Here is a summary from the client on what the logo design should be:

“Simple and clean. I am going for a very professional yet fun and young image.”

BLUE HAT: beginning of the process- finding direction.
After a one hour meeting, we had developed a good idea of what the client’s business was about, what he wanted to achieve and what image the logo needed to present to his market. We created a document detailing the information for our logo designers and artists, and got to work.

GREEN HAT: developing creative solutions to the design problem.
We brainstormed one Friday morning, coming up with sketches and ideas for inspiration for this logo design. Here are a few ideas we came up with, and how they were developed.

RED HAT: solving problems using gut reaction and intuition.
1. VMA initials: The client wanted to see one concept using the intials of the company as the main image of the logo. The letter “VMA” are very similar in linear style, so we displayed them together with a custom font. Adding a slight gradient to the lettering and giving it a black background added that professional feel to the logo.

2. Circle mark, universal sign for victory: The inspiration for this logo came from the universal symbol of victory; the index finger and the middle finger pointed up together turned forward. We created a minimal and modern design for this symbolism and enclosed it in a circle to balance the overall mark of the logo.

The victory symbolism also used the shape of the “V” in victory so it was used as an image with double purpose.

3. Font, and style: The third concept was a more text based identity, using a more stylish typeface.

The client chose the circle mark logo with the company name below as the preferred logo design to bring into the revision stages.

YELLOW HAT: thinking positively and seeing the benefits and value of the decision.
We agreed that this logo was the one that matched the brief perfectly and would allow us to really develop the concept into something special through revisions.

After more development and concept ideas came together, we hit it right on the mark! We further enhanced the concept of the victory symbol and the large “V”, and then we added another piece of inspiration to this concept.

BLACK HAT: taking relevant factors into consideration and taking caution.
Victory Marketing Agency will be a leading event staffing agency, so…with this in mind, we started to think about events, and staff, and what imagery and inspiration we could pull from this service.

The victory symbol of the two fingers, along with the “V”, provided the platform for the final piece to be added to the logo. Spotlights are a popular feature at events of all sizes, and instantly recognizable when beaming into a night sky. We added a bit of gradient styling to the logo and voila! We had a subtle spotlight symbol! The logo was done and the client was very happy with the outcome.

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