Sunday, November 9, 2008

JOSH - 6 hat thinking

The Six hat thinking method is a fictional way of thinking created by Edward De Bono. It involves the six ways in which people think about a situation. The red hat, white hat, blue hat, black hat, yellow hat and green hat.

-The white hat is worn when we focus on all the available data and make informed decisions based on what you learn from this.
-The red hat is where we look at the situation from an emotional viewpoint. This is where you look upon the situation with emotions and gut reaction.
-The black hat is often used by pessimists. The black hat allows us to look at the project in a negative way. We look at a situation and work out why it doesn’t work, this is good because it helps us to work out ways to improve it.
-The yellow hat is opposite of the black hat. It focuses on looking at the positive side and helps you push forward when things aren’t looking great for the situation.
-The green hat is worn by people who don't think and just do. The green hat stands for creativity and freedom. This is good for those that over analyzing something.
-The blue hat is the hat that governs other hats. Sort of the president of the united hats. If you dont know what hat to wear. The blue hat helps you make that decision.

8 panels
I personally had to use the Six hat thinking when it came time to design my eight panels for the corridor.
Red hat – I looked at the questions and decided what question I understood and thought I could work with best.
White hat –I then had to find available data that could be helpful for my idea.
Black hat - After not finding a lot of information in the area I wanted the direction I got quite confused and stuck in abit of a rut not knowing where to go next.
Green hat – so I just played on the computer for hours with drawing and placing different graphics and so on.
Yellow hat – the green hat really helped me to then take the yellow hat approach. i started to look at it in a different light. Becoming more confident and giving me a more positive direction as to where I would go.
Blue hat - By doing this I was able to see how I could still use my original idea, just put it in more of a less complicated form.

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stacy said...

sometimes don't understand your rationale. using the green hat earlier can give greater diversity of ideas at earlier stage to evaluate and build upon later