Friday, November 28, 2008

Govinda - Senses In Design

Design is everywhere. It must be able to relate to a wide range of people and engage them. The designer needs to create a design that will successfully fulfil the problem, whether it is to help sell an item or make an item more user friendly. The way we interact with a design is through our senses, whether its sight, touch, sound etc. For a design to be successful, it helps for the designer to familiar with the product and how it interacts with the viewer through the senses.
Being aware of how it feels, looks, sounds, smells and tastes, either literally or the connotation it gives can greatly improve a design.
Sight is obviously the most important aspect. The design must ‘work’. It should grab the viewer’s attention and be able to hold it for some amount of time. Visual stimulation is the key.
The other senses come after that and also play and important role in the overall effectiveness of the design.

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