Sunday, November 9, 2008


Design and Method. Method, or process, is the vehicle that drives a design forward. Without it, it becomes easy to fall victim to the stagnant and unimaginative, or become overwhelmed. However, used in great excess, it can constrict and hinder the natural flow of a design.

Some consider it noble to have a method; others consider it noble not to have a method. Not to have a method is bad; to stop entirely at method is worse still. One should at first observe rules severely, then change them in an intelligent way. The aim of posessing method is to seem finally as if one had no method.”

At first glances, this quote boggles the mind – it seems a tangle of contradictions, undecipherable. My take is that with design method there must be balance. It must not become the focal point, and yet, it seems unwise to allow it to fall away completely.
  Method can be guides – gentle, assertive, prodding – or chains – restricting, unyielding and binding a designs capacity. Method must become part of design, flowing naturally out of the execution, it must be carefully considered but not allowed to rule.

This can be seen in the work of Graphic designer Dasche, in coming up with Brokers Bull design.
 His method moves through the usual channels of research and thumbnailing, which from him to in initial concept. When this is rejected he goes back, returning to research and drawing from inspirations until he comes up with a design that is functional and – most importantly – appeals to his client. His method is simple, but effective, and aids him well in the path from brief to design. 

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