Sunday, November 2, 2008


Six hat thinking is a method of thinking devised by Edward De Bono.
This method of thinking involves the use of 6 fictional hats.
The red hat, white hat, blue hat, black hat, yellow hat and green hat.

Each of these hats represents a different way of thinking.

-The white hat is the hat one wears to focus on all the available data and make informed decisions based on what you learn from this.

-The red hat is the hat that is worn when one looks at the project or situation from an entirely emotional viewpoint. Sort of like a hat that forces you to look upon the situation as if it is your first time, and form opinions based on emotions and gut reaction.

-The black hat is the hat that is often used by pessimists and the critics among us. The black hat allows us to look at the project in a way that focuses entirely on the negative aspects of it. and can then be used to help improve it.

-The yellow hat is the opposite of the black hat. It focuses on looking at the positive side and helps you push forward when things look bad for the situation.

-The green hat is the hat worn by people who don't think and just do. the green had stands for creativity and freedom. If you are over analyzing something, put on the green hat and do what you like. It may yield unexpected results.

-The blue hat is the hat that governs other hats. sort of the president of the united hats. If you do not know what hat to wear. the blue hat helps you make that decision.
For example. This last weekend, I attempted to knuckle down and do much assignment work. This often results in me donning the black hat and thinking everything i do is not of high enough caliber or something is wrong etc. etc. such as when i would make progress with one assignment i would freak out because another assignment is not as developed as another, nor was it any good.

This kind of thinking is bad for my health so I put on the blue hat and thought it over.
the end result was me putting on the green hat where I then proceed to do whatever i want without worrying about the implications of it going bad etc. and started making some real progress.


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stacy said...

commencing with a black hat is a bad move as it focuses on the negativity and procrastination. it generally does not generate any ideas to explore further. better to start with any other colour then wear black later to cull ideas rather than kill ideas at first instant