Monday, November 24, 2008


Bruno Munari states that every facet of design must maintain a relationship with the senses.  Whilst this is true, not all facets of design are able to communicate with every individual sense.  For example: obviously web design is not going to communicate beyond a visual level or a t-shirt design is not going to appeal to your sense of taste.  Design that does appeal to more than one of our senses can become far more successful.  Again an example : A card that has text that has been embossed and perhaps has a nice texture to it would also appeal to ones sense of touch as well as be visually appealing.  It is all related to a persons attraction to someone or something, put simply you will be more attracted to someone/thing the more of your senses are appealed to.  You are obviously going to be more attracted to the a person that looks good and smells good, rather than one who looks good but has life threatening body odour.

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