Monday, November 24, 2008

The Senses - Tane

Go here. NOW.

As the monkeys have demonstrated, sense is an integral part of life. And I s'pose you have to be alive to practice graphic design (disputable though). So therefore, I think the senses are very useful. The sight monkey I feel presents the most truth though, that not all lights at the end of the tunnel are good. Hang on, I don't even know what its trying to tell me. Friggin confusing monkey advice. Forget it.
And the touch monkey. Jesus that was creepy. What the hell was wrong with that finger? The stuff of nightmares.
The taste monkey didn't give out advice: it just made me so very thirsty for an ice cream and root beer smoothie.
But as you can see, a flash movie can affect you later in life and even frighten you.

My personal opinion however is that sense is probably useless in digital design, apart from sight of course. emotions certainly play a part. Good graphic designers should take this into account.

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