Monday, November 24, 2008

JOSH - senses

In the design process it is extremely important to use all your senses.
Sight - by looking at an object we can remember something with a name or shape.
Touch – helps us to remember or develop a stronger feeling about an object.
Smell – helps us to gain a greater description of the things.
Hearing – is letting us know what is happening around us but also can be a major factor in influencing our decision of the object.
All these senses work together to help us to obtain information’s about a design and produce the design.
We also are able to create objects to make the audience use there senses in viewing the object/s.

In today’s graphic development audiences are being challenged more and more to use there senses when viewing an object. Advertisement is a perfect example of this with there use of technology.
Because of this audiences are now able to build a relationship with products and objects.


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