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Friday, November 28, 2008

Govinda - Senses In Design

Design is everywhere. It must be able to relate to a wide range of people and engage them. The designer needs to create a design that will successfully fulfil the problem, whether it is to help sell an item or make an item more user friendly. The way we interact with a design is through our senses, whether its sight, touch, sound etc. For a design to be successful, it helps for the designer to familiar with the product and how it interacts with the viewer through the senses.
Being aware of how it feels, looks, sounds, smells and tastes, either literally or the connotation it gives can greatly improve a design.
Sight is obviously the most important aspect. The design must ‘work’. It should grab the viewer’s attention and be able to hold it for some amount of time. Visual stimulation is the key.
The other senses come after that and also play and important role in the overall effectiveness of the design.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Senses...Jamie

The Senses.

An amazing technique that i like to use sometimes to clear my mind and focus all my energy onto one object by using the senses. First i try to clear all prior knowledge on what the object is, what it does and pick it up as if it is a new discovery.

First i use touch:
To look at the way it sits in my hand, if its cold/hot, if it is friendly to touch like any sharp edges.

Next look and observe it:
This is a great way to see how it looks when it ornate, doing something, how it sits on the table, how the design of the object works, its purpose.

Then listen to the object:
What can you hear, does it make a sound, does it sit quietly, is the sound pleasant or harsh.

After is the smell of the object:
Does it have a smell, does it not, is the smell nice or harsh, does its smell attribute to the object, or just a facet of how it was made. 

Finally There is Taste:
Sometimes not needed, but in certain cases, is it sweet, is it sour, is it crunchy, or is it a liquid. 

There are many ways to use the senses to observe something and usually you will come away with a new perspective on the object, or a new thought on what it does, like something you didn't know before. As you can see the senses play a major role in how we create an object. It is a personal thing to, if you know you love something, that the person next to will not have the same view. Is this due to the feelings that a person has, or are our senses different. Can i smell something that someone else can't or can they hear something i can't. The senses make the reality we live in and when we design we are creating a new piece of reality that will in turn taken, without thought, through the senses.

Six Hat Thinking...

This is a creation of a situation where two people are talking where one is wearing the six hats. In this you will see how the hats change his view on things...

The White Hat...
"Dad can i go to the toilet?"
"Yeh there's one down there, and over there"
"Well i could go to that toilet, but it is all the way across the street. or i could go to that toilet but it looks pretty dirty... well i could start to go in that one that is dirty, then finish the rest across the street..."

The Red Hat...
"Dad can i go to the toilet?"
"I Guess"
"What do mean by 'I Guess' if i dont go i could get serious problems. why cant you understand what im going through."
"Ok Then Just Go"
"Don't get pushy your so mean all the time, you always hurt my feelings. Why?"
"Please just go"
"Ok but ill be a while cause ill be crying..."

The Black Hat...
"I gotta go to the toilet."
"Well go."
"Nah i don't want to. I bet its dirty, or there's no toilet paper, or there is probably someone in there, or i bet it smells really bad."
"Well don't then"
"Yeh but i bet my blater will pop, and then ill go to hospital. its too late now i probably won't make it any way..."

The Yellow Hat...
"Can I go to the toilet?"
"Yeh Sure."
"Are you serious, thank you so much. Your the best. Thank you Thank you Thank You. I hope i make it. there probebly just cleaned it so i bet it will be freshness all over..."

The Green Hat...
"Can I go to the toilet?"
"Yeh of..."
The Blue Hat...
"Can I go to the toilet?"
"Ok Good, now, how should i go? What do i need to do? Where should i go?..."

As you can see the six hats thinking can completely change a situation when placed into action.
This is a great tool for the designer as he/she is able to view things from all angles and thus being a success. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

LEE: Process

My process basically is threefold.

Uno: Receive brief and either crap my pants (hypothetically) or receive brief and be stoked on the idea of the project ahead.

Deuce: About midway through the allotted time for completion of the task at hand. I will begin to doubt basically everything. Either the stuff I have done I believe to be trash. Or the stuff I have not yet done is sure to be trash. I need something amazing/different or ill fail pretty chronic like.

Three: Later on there always comes a point where I go. "screw it, I am just going to do it and see what happens". Because i usually over analyze things and try to do things that i probably shouldn't. Or is not my style. Or try to be like other artists i have seen.

In the end after much doubt. Step three will usually set me straight and in most cases i will turn out with something that i dig.

True story.

Lee: senses

Some people believe that all senses are extremely important for design work. Some people do not.
To begin with. I was of the latter. Believing that the only sense required is sight. Otherwise you would not be able to see. Thus not be able to make anything decent.
But after much procrastination it struck me that the other senses are also valuable to design, though, of lesser value than that of sight.
-Touch: can be used to sample textures or the feel of objects, weights etc.
-Hearing: at first I thought. Designers use sound to design? yeah right. what are you gunna do? listen to the paper? no. Then i realised that i often listen to music when i am doing assessment tasks or tackling the ever horrid "Blog". The music in ways i do not know. Makes the process more smoothe, can somehow, clear creative blocks
-Taste: Who doesnt like eating paper?!.But really. I don't think taste has anything to do with anything. Except for lunch. which is an important part of everyones day. Especially after a hard day swearing at indesign.

Ah senses. What would we do without you?
If only this blog make sense.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Some key factors to my style are