Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lee: senses

Some people believe that all senses are extremely important for design work. Some people do not.
To begin with. I was of the latter. Believing that the only sense required is sight. Otherwise you would not be able to see. Thus not be able to make anything decent.
But after much procrastination it struck me that the other senses are also valuable to design, though, of lesser value than that of sight.
-Touch: can be used to sample textures or the feel of objects, weights etc.
-Hearing: at first I thought. Designers use sound to design? yeah right. what are you gunna do? listen to the paper? no. Then i realised that i often listen to music when i am doing assessment tasks or tackling the ever horrid "Blog". The music in ways i do not know. Makes the process more smoothe, can somehow, clear creative blocks
-Taste: Who doesnt like eating paper?!.But really. I don't think taste has anything to do with anything. Except for lunch. which is an important part of everyones day. Especially after a hard day swearing at indesign.

Ah senses. What would we do without you?
If only this blog make sense.

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