Monday, November 24, 2008

PAOLO- A small reflection on the importance of our senses.

All right!!  I`ll try to express my opinion about the potential of our brain and then to talk about senses as a consequence  and  please permit me also to have you guys doing this terrifying experiment just before I start. lay flat your arms forward,  hold  your hands  like if you were clasping an object and now put them close to each other. What you are looking at is the size of your brain. Why did I say terrifying? Well because people normally think that their brain is bigger than that. No worries people, being smart is not just a question of size. Ok dude stop mucking around and go straight to the point (voice out field). Ok Ok...... Our brain works like

a computer it does have an operative system which is binary( thought and language) same as the computer (0,1). The language of scheduling 

                                         brain: Visual - Auditory –Sensory

                                         computer: Cobol – Basic – Fortran

This means that to program itself the brain needs a language that is divided in 3:  visual, auditory, sensory, they are 3 types of intelligence. In each individual only one is overridding. For examle a visual person gives more attention to informations recived by the eyes ( normally graphic designers are visual people) they would give more priority to what they see then to what they hear or touch. Recognizing  the 3 types is easy. Visual people : aesthetic, they take care of their image. Auditory people: analysis, valutation, they think continuously.  Sensory: relax, comfort, feelings, emotions.

The point is that if we want to communicate to other people not only in the graphic design world, but in our life in general we must learn how to develop the other languages in order to communicate  directly to the unconscious  of the other people so they can not only see the design but also feel it smell it and touch it and keep it real. We learn this, we will not have problems with our costumers in the future. To fall in love it`s necessary to touch, to see and to hear the other person (example). Making our presentation coming with music  it’s a way to add another kind of language (I really like the motion graphic also because the images move attended by music) , adding a perfume to the product or simply spraying a particular fragrance in the air before to start our presentation could have a better catch on customers(maybe this wouldn`t). At Dysneyland they use this sistem perfectly infact it is the turistic attraction more famous in the world.  Let me just talk about the cinema 3d . You go in and they give you 3d glasses (visual)so you can see in 3 dimensions, then you find yourself all surrounded by a Dolby stereo(auditive) then the chair starts moving( sensitive) and everything gets real………….knowing this is fondamental for selling.

One more thing, if you want have an intense experience about senses by reading, the book you are looking after is: " Proust and the sense of time"

enjoy it!


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