Monday, November 24, 2008

PAOLO - my process

I normally start of with closing my eyes and letting my imagination to go far, good ideas normally
are already there somewhere, they just need to be founded. In second analysis I go researching on the internet and try to find something amazing and very interesting that has  already been done in the past. Once I got inspired by it I try to understand how that has been realized. Than considering my qualities, abilities, skills I start realizing my own version of it and putting my own style on it. I think that our personality and style  is just a collage of other personalities that have been absorbed by yourself during the years and the process starts with copying from our parents after birth, for example without coping and improving the technology development would not exist and I would not be able to digitally writing by using this computer right now. Anyway I start brainstorming and formulating ideas, the ideas become sketches then thumbnails, template, refine, layout, print; then I prepare a suitable presentation and the job is done.

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