Sunday, November 9, 2008

Abby – 6 thinking hats

Black hat – There are too many rainbow colours. Real apples aren’t rainbow colours. It doesn’t look modern. It is too bright and the colours aren’t organised in a nice order.

Yellow hat – I like the apple shape. It looks the right shape for a real apple. The bite looks works, it is different and more eye catching than a normal apple shape. It is a simple logo design that is easy to copy and easily recognised.

Red hat – It looks like a good apple to eat. It looks fresh, new and clean. The rainbows give a feeling of happiness

White hat – The rainbow colours match the spinning wheel icon on a Mac. It is a very recognised and successful business logo. When I first saw it I thought it was for selling fruit, when it was really for selling Mac it was computers.

Green hat – The logo would look better if it was a plain colour and looked more 3D. Black and white or grey gives an idea of digital, and is more appropriate for a computer. It is good to keep the same shape because everyone knows it.

Blue hat – Overall, the apple shape is very good but the rainbow colours aren’t relevant.

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