Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rosalind _ Six Thinking Hats

Pears Soap

Andrew Pears

White Hat – Realised that soaps available in that day and age were harsh and damaging his clients skin.

Red Hat – His clients were buying his cosmetic products to cover the damage to their complexions caused by the harshness of soaps and other products on the market, which contained lead and arsenic. Wouldn’t his clients be happy if he produced a soap that was gentle on their complexions! How exciting if it worked!

Black Hat – Can the soap be purified; can the chemicals really be eliminated? How will I source the new ingredients, will they work? Can the general public afford this soap; will I be successful making soap?

Yellow Hat – This is going to be huge! The soap won’t hurt his client’s complexions, which will be extremely popular. Everyone will buy the soap; there is a great deal of profit to be made.

Green Hat – The glycerine is transparent soap and its aroma is reminiscent of an English garden! The concave shape is a result of the soap shrinking while drying, a happy creative accident.

Blue Hat – The process control, moving between hats, pears soap was conceived, and is still hugely popular today. He obviously got the formula right.

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