Sunday, November 9, 2008

The incredibly late stylings of lee henry: In "THE METHOD".

I would like to say that i understand the quote from the original post.
But the truth is. I have absolutely no idea what it is going on about.
I gathered form the first few lines that some people think it is good to have a method that they follow and some think it is good to not have a method. So i shall talk about that.
My theory is that having a method is like having a particularly stubborn cow tied to a rope.
Now you want to get the cow to the markets right?
But this cow is stubborn, it does not want to go to the markets. And being a cow, it is hard to move places where it does not want it to be.
Say the cow is a meat cow, designed for the harvesting of meat. And you want to milk the cow at the markets even though it gives cruddy milk. but superior meat.
Now if we put this in terms of graphic design, the cow is your method and you are trying to fit it into the "brief". Some times your method that is tried and true may not work at all, when trying to say, design a car. but you are a penny-farthing designer at heart. and end up designing yet another penny-farthing, because it is how you operate.
 So I personally believe that it is best to unleash your imagination for each different task you are performing. to highlight the differences between each task you do, and avoid repetition and/or failure.

This post, to you, the consumer, probably makes as much sense as the guidelines for this post did to me. So i tossed away all methods i have used on previous blogs and went at it.

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