Monday, November 3, 2008

---------->ROGAN : 6 THINKING HATS

The six thinking hats theory is a technique designed by Edward de Bono to help people to strategically think.  Each of the different colored hats is a different way or different perspective of looking at a project or problem, to assist in planning a solution or outcome. 

 Lets say I am given a project to design artwork for a bands album cover.  Using the six hats theory I would start by breaking it down as follows to allow me to produce a well-rounded and well-executed outcome.

 Firstly I would don the ‘white hat’ and assess the style of music, bands logo (if they have one), the name of the album and other bands artwork in the genre etc…

 Secondly I would slap on the ‘red hat’ and gauge how I react to the band and what sort of imagery I believe would suite the band, and think how other people might react to it.

 Thirdly I would toss the ‘black hat’ in the air and land it perfectly on my head and critically evaluate my ideas and look at the bad points and try to find ways to eliminate the floors from my design.

 Forthly I would slip on the ‘yellow’ hat and look at the goods points in the design and run with them.

 Fithly throwing on the ‘green hat’ I get creative and develop my ideas freely.

 Sixthly putting on the ‘blue hat’ I re-evaluate and refine my ideas.

 Using these six colourful hats my album artwork would surely be the stuff of ledgends.

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stacy said...

wearing the green hat earlier would establish more quantity of ideas to evaluate with the black and yellow then further refine the remaining ideas with the blue hat