Monday, November 10, 2008


Hi folks, here is an example of method applied to the WEB DESIGN industry. I was surfing through italian websites about design when I found an interesting but also very simple method; It is called A.I.D.A by Marco Olivetti. He says that when they work on a website and "it must sell", a web designer can follow a method of development named 'Aida'. By this method you drive the attention of a customer on a specific path in the web site, to make him interested since the beginning (check out web sites of Future of Online Advertising). Let`s start describing this method composed by the letters of the word A-I-D-A.
A: Attenzione (attention): Grab the attention of the visitors straight away when they come on the homepage. Give them what they want.
I:  for Interesse (Interest) in this case we are talking about informations that make the visitors sticked to the web site, for example by showing the characteristic of the product you are selling.
D: Desiderio (Desire) kick up the desire of buying from your visitors, why they would have this product?
A: Azione (Action), Buy! Organize a comfortable system to have them buying your product , otherwise all the struggling would be useless and the visitors would abandon the web site, frustrated.

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