Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tracy: The senses in Design

According to some interior design experts, the sense of smell has a direct link to the emotions and memory. On a purely visual basis, the sense of smell can be evoked through the use of imagery which depicts aroma. Sight is apparently the most complex of the senses in terms of design. The possibilities are limitless, with the ability to focus on culinary aspects for example, for the evocation of all other senses. 

The selection of pleasing objects or solutions is often referred to as displaying good taste. This can also be related to the sense of taste as it is relayed in a visual context. Interior designers sometimes design for the sense of hearing by removing the interference of external noise and placing only desirable sounds into the environment. Visually the use of musical symbols or the inclusion of plush leather furnishings can evoke memories of sound. Textural elements such as leather or stone etc, can be incorporated into design in order to give a sense of tactility. All of these things can be reversed and used directly in order to effect the mood or inspirational tone of the artist's environment.

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